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Satisfied Clients
The complete list would take up too many pages, but our list includes hospitals, colleges, banks, pharmaceutical companies and others.

This has included Yale University, Wesleyan University, Xerox, Seagrams, Westport River Gallery, Bridgeport Hospital, New Haven Chamber of Commerce, Bristol-Myers, Milford Hospital, University of Bridgeport, Presbyterian Church of the U.S. and many others.

The owner of a fine art gallery once wrote: "I've used Kramer for years because their pricing is reasonable, their service is on target, and I have better things to do than babysit a printer. I'd rather enjoy myself at the beach."

A director of PR at a southern Connecticut hospital said: "I don't like surprises. They solve my problems, print my work, and deliver on time. That's all I need."

People call us if they want solid printing at a reasonable price by a firm that is locally responsive. Call Richard Kramer at 203-933-5416, or email us at

Our fax number is 203-937-5839.