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About Kramer Printing
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and 12 subsequent presidents up through Barak Obama have been in office for 65 years since Kramer Printing began serving the printing needs of the region.

Each year big and small companies have elected this printer, now run by Richard Kramer, to solve their printing challenges. You could say they've been elected more times than any president since the birth of the United States.

When most printers have sold out to giant conglomerates with many locations, Kramer Printing has stayed locally-owned and operated. Nobody stays in business today unless they do a good job and work hard at it. A company in Kalamazoo or Wichita may not care about your business, but a locally-based firm is all about pleasing local and regional clients....every day, every month, every year...for 65 years!

People call us if they want solid printing at a reasonable price by a firm that is locally responsive.

Call Richard Kramer at 203-933-5416, or email us at
Our Fax number is 203-937-5839.